Criminal Proceeding

Our services in this field:

  1. Protection of suspect, accused, convicted at any stage of the criminal proceeding
  2. Appeal against selected preventive measures
  3. Representation of the civil plaintiffs’ interests
  1. Appeals against illegal decisions, actions or inactivity in criminal proceedings
  2. Representation of interests of witnesses and victims
  3. Advice concerning prospects of case. Developing strategy and tactics of protection
The most frequent customers’ inquiries are:

  • Calling a client in law enforcement authorities, apprehension, arrest, conduction of search
  • Violation of the criminal proceedings upon tax evasion
  • Protection of debtors’ interests upon unlawful pressure on them by law enforcement authorities
  • Compensation for damages in the criminal proceeding
  • Incrimination of fraud
  • Violation of criminal proceedings upon abuse of official position