Our clients

We implement services to a wide range of national and international companies, all types of property, which operate in different fields of business. Among our clients are:


    Ukrainian brand of jewelry, which today is represented by a chain of 54 stores

  • il Molino

    il Molino pizzerias is a chain of Italian cuisine restaurants

  • Folk Ukraine

    The company that organizes events on the European level and with national color

  • Sushiya

    The largest and fast-growing chain of Japanese cuisine restaurants in Ukraine, which has 40 restaurants in 12 cities of Ukraine

  • Mister Cat

    A chain of pizzerias in Kyiv

  • Knaipa-Pro

    HoReCa Automation

  • Aroma Espresso Bar

    A place where you can find refined coffee from selected grains of own roasting

  • CCG

    Ukrainian construction company specializing in repair and construction, engineering and design works

  • In-Build

    Investment and construction company, which creates high-quality residential complexes

  • Wine Mart

    A young company dealing exclusively with the distribution of the world’s leading brands in Ukraine

  • Aurum Group

    Machine-building, construction and engineering, chemical industry, agricultural sector, etc.

  • Velesgard

    Construction company that is a part of the VPK Group


    Interior design studio

  • Ani Lorak Production

    The company responsible for Ani Lorak activities’ support

  • Chinese Hello

    Popular Chinese restaurant

  • Glovo

    Food delivery and more

  • Varvar Brew

    Kyiv brewery with the most progressive equipment

  • Salateira

    A chain of fast-healthy restaurants of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine

  • Furla

    Stores of the Italian company Furla that manufactures handbags, wallets, belts and other accessories

  • Syndicate of Taste

    A group of successful and rapidly-developing restaurants in Ukraine

  • Vitto Rossi

    Online store of shoes and accessories

  • West Mills

    Exclusive distributor of BEYOND MEAT in Ukraine

  • K&K Group

    A company that provides political consulting services

  • Mates Marketing

    A company that provides SEO-promotion services

  • FreshLine

    A chain of sandwich bars with tasty and delicious food

  • Nivak Group

    Construction company

  • Dali Park

    Outdoor club and restaurant with karaoke

  • Baluvana Galya

    Classical Ukrainian cuisine from different regions in a modern interior

  • Khinkalnia

    All-Ukrainian chain of restaurants with brief menu, which main highlight are Georgian Khinkali

  • Segafredo Zanetti Espresso

    An international chain of Italian coffee houses operating in more than 60 countries of the world, including Ukraine

  • Chint

    Manufacturing company of low voltage equipment

  • Kyiv Zoo

    It was created in 1909 and works up to this days. It is a part of the Natural Reserved Fund of Ukraine

  • World of Technologies

    Modern supplier and integrator of technological solutions

  • Mirovaya Karta

    One of the largest restaurant corporation in Ukraine, which combines the best cuisines of the world in famous Kyiv restaurants

  • LC Waikiki

    International clothing retailer. The trading chain consists of 787 stores in 36 countries, including Ukraine

  • Papashon

    Bowling, cafe, children’s town, billiards, banquet halls

  • Kyiv Academic «Molodyi Theatre»

    The youth theater, which was founded in 1979 and is still rapidly developing

  • HotMine

    Manufacturer of technological and engineering equipment

  • YOD

    Commercial design studio

  • EmCell

    Clinical unit and own laboratory complex


    Swiss jewelry company founded in 2011

  • Win Bar

    Wine bar deep in Kyiv’s Podol

  • Mimosa Brooklyn Pizza

    Family Pizzeria where you can find Brooklyn Pizza

  • Lisopylka

    It’s a Bar with a good beer and a simple meal

  • Kozyrna Karta

    The leader of the restaurant business of Ukraine. Currently the chain includes more than 90 restaurants

  • BigMedia

    The largest sales house of outdoor advertising in Ukraine. It sells the largest chain of advertising media in the country

  • UMPG Music

    One of the largest companies in field of music publishing business of Ukraine

  • Farmasi

    Turkish cosmetic company

  • Sky Food Services

    In-flight catering company

  • Tru Trussardi

    The chain stores in Ukraine that sells one of the lines of the Trussardi International Fashion House

  • Fabergé

    Boutique of Fabergé jewelry and watches

  • Roti Chicken

    Family Meat Restaurant

  • BOOHTA food station

    Food court with the best view of the Dnieper

  • JetSetter

    Popular web site about fashion life

  • Bigboard

    The first Ukrainian holding company that specializes in placement of self designed outdoor advertising

  • Savanna Decor

    Wedding decorations company

  • Atlas Weekend

    One of the largest music festivals in Ukraine

  • Heaven

    It keeps the best traditions of the night clubs and provides the high-quality and modern sound of the House Music

  • City-Zen cafe

    A chain of café bars where you can find harmony in a cup of coffee and happiness on a plate

  • TDM Electronics

    The largest Polish company in field of demilitarization

We publish customers solely with their consent.